About TennisAsia

We focus on 2 simple but essential ingredients: hard work and passion, where we value the person over the player and the team over the individual.

We strive to develop great people, great athletes and then great tennis players – accepting that each person as an individual is looking to reach their potential in their time frame.

A.R.C. stands for Attitude, Respect, Commitment.

This is our moral compass that connects players, coaches, parents and our entire company vision.

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This is a 4 stage cycle. We believe everything starts with the right mindset – in particular a growth mindset.

With the right mindset, individuals are willing to start the character development journey. This enables the planning stage to take place more smoothly and outcomes become an essential source of feedback for individuals as well as coaches – fueling mindset and allowing the cycle to continue throughout ones tennis and life journey.

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Watch our video that explains our TennisAsia Personal Development Pathway for Competitive Junior Tennis players.

Levels and Prerequisites

We will look at each individual and exceptions can be made if a child is better suited to a long term development by moving up or down an age category. Tennis level is only one criteria. We look at physical abilities, moral and performance strengths, tennis IQ, UTR, parental support and social integration within specific group environments.

Absolutely not. We are very open minded to other great coaching companies here in HK and Asia and also to unstructured sessions as well.

We respect each person as an individual and some may not necessarily fit the norm in terms of training hours but these are great standards drawn from significant years of research.

Trials and Consultations

If you are interested in joining our TennisAsia Competitive Junior Group trainings and are new to TennisAsia, the student will be required to attend 2 paid trial classes in order to for our coaches to grade the students’ level.

This allows us to invite the student into the appropriate  Group Class.

Our classes are usually very booked up so trials are incorporated into our regular group sessions and therefore we will charge for these sessions.

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In addition to term grading of all players, TennisAsia offers a paid consultation service for ALL players wishing to be advised on a long-term development plan.

Consultations require an enormous amount of research and time to deliver personalised answers and guidance. We believe our consultation fee is quite low considering the work involved and the service provided.

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Online Shop

At the moment, we ship only locally in Hong Kong. If you want product to be shipped to an international address, please contact us at [email protected]

Yes absolutely. We use Stripe payment gateway where you can pay using your credit card, which supports Visa, Mastercard and American Express. You do not need a Stripe account to use this payment service with TennisAsia.

The prices on this website are in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD).

We aim to ship your order the next business day after your order is received. Delivery times will vary depending on the delivery location with estimated 1-3 business days timeframe. Do note, shipping may take a bit longer due to the current pandemic conditions.

Delivery costs 40 HKD for Hong Kong local delivery.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your product and return them unworn and unwashed and in their original packaging within 15 business days’ of delivery to you. You must bear the shipping costs. Please email us at [email protected] to arrange for returns.

For more information, please review our online shop terms and conditions by clicking here.

Competitive Junior Programmes

A young person could be excluded from the training after the end of term when he/she significantly decreases the quality of training of other kids:

  • Bullying/physical and mental aggression,
  • Lack of respect towards coaches, other players, club members and workers at our venue location,
  • Constantly arriving late,
  • Irregularly equipped.

We will give two warnings to parents and players before any exclusion is enforced. As a coaching team, we feel it is also our responsibility to help young players develop and we are here to support and assist.

Our syllabus is consistent in all our venues so it becomes a matter of preference and timing and space. One key difference is our strength and conditioning coach will be predominantly located at IRC but will be available for private sessions to all competitive players.

We are looking to include a strength and conditioning professional at other venues in the near future.

Tennis is often called a lonely sport. Fitness sessions can change that by providing kids what they need throughout their teenage years: social interaction with peers.

Conditioning training will also introduce seasonal training system that is used by most of the semi-professional and professional tennis players all around the world.

Regular fitness testing will provide information about kids’ mental and physical development.

No, non-members are welcome. Everyone must follow the IRC internal bye-laws.

Payments and Makeups

We charge per term for weekly group classes and payment is done online through our payment system GoTimmy.

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We charge camps individually and payment is done online through our payment system GoTimmy.

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Payments for events is done online through our payment system GoTimmy.

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For private lessons, these can be done with the coach directly. Please refer to payment info.

We do not provide make-ups for pre-paid term classes. We will offer make-up classes for rained out sessions towards the end of each term.

You must inform us as soon as possible as most classes are quite booked up.

We do not offer makeups for sickness but exceptions can be made for long term or serious injuries or sickness that prevent a player from attending classes or camps. This will be done on a case by case system and TennisAsia will always act in the interest of the individual as long as the quality of our training and sessions are not compromised.

You can read our Terms and Conditions for each programme:


UTR is the official rating system of the ITA (Intercollegiate Tennis Association)

UTR matches form the next stepping stone in our TennisAsia Competitive Player Pathway.

They are taking learned skills into a competitive environment where the stakes are higher and they are forced to think faster, handle more stress in a more intense setting.

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These UTR backdraw singles matches guarantee a minimum of two matches.

“Back draws” into which the player that lost move to get their additional matches.

Matches on the main draw and the back draws are coded to show how you move from one draw to the other.

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