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Green PRO

Age 9-10

At the end of this stage, some of the juniors begin to show a preference for tennis as their sport of choice.

These juniors have developed a competitive drive with their tennis. They are starting to compete on a regular basis and are willing to work on their fundamentals to prepare them for yellow ball transition.

Group sessions form the second stepping stone in our Player Competitive Pathway. More variables, higher intensity, more stress and a need for faster thinking are all introduced here with less coach involvement, more self-exploration and team building. Keystone performance strengths will be introduced here throughout the year.

Green PRO 1
Green PRO 2

Green PRO Syllabus


Character Development Strengths

  1. Discipline
  2. Focus
  3. Hardworking
  4. Competitive
  5. Resilient

Moral Compass

  1. Attitude
  2. Respect
  3. Commitment


Accountability cards given out throughout the term related to the character strength block we are working on – Focus – meditate or do mindfulness once/week for a set time depending on the player for example.

Level prerequisites

Practicing and playing guidelines


  • Ready to be involved in organised tennis training. 
  • Can control most of their emotions in a sometimes stressful group environment. 
  • New players – required to train 2 sessions minimum before an accurate assessment can be made.
Green PRO 2


The mission of the coach

  • Creating a fun, enjoyable, safe and stimulating learning environment. 
  • Structuring practices using modified equipment for progressive tennis.
  • Including regular game-based play using progressive tennis modifications – lower compression ‘green’ balls. 
  • Using group lessons to develop fundamental movement, motor and basic tennis skills. 
  • Make sure that competition and match play are meaningful with the use of progressive tennis.
  • To be certified with knowledge of growth and development of children.

The mission of parents

  • Support coaches to achieve the above.
  • Encourage participation in other sports.
  • Make sure that juniors love and enjoy training.

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