Tennis for Life General Objectives

  • Participants see tennis as their sport of choice.
  • Participants recognize tennis as a healthy lifestyle activity that provides a complete mental, physical and social experience.
  • Participants recognize the unique contribution tennis can make to the development of healthy communities by addressing the needs of all segments of the population (i.e. youth, senior).
  • Participants are able to access and enjoy the game at the frequency and skill level they desire.
  • Participants are comfortable entering the tennis community regardless of race, age, sex, or ethnic/religious background.
  • Participants consider tennis as a second or complementary sport if they already have a primary sport.


  • Introduction to tennis offers a welcoming and fun environment to all participants.
  • Programming focuses on games-based approach with a variety of opportunities for competition to cater to all levels.
  • Competencies should match challenge level to ensure positive experience and feeling of immediate satisfaction and achievement.
  • Access to play and competition opportunities are equitable and inclusive.
  • Social and personal development aspects of tennis are promoted within all activities.
  • Progressive tennis is primary teaching tool for all introductory activities regardless of age.
  • Volunteer or career opportunities exist within coaching, officiating, sport management or event organization as part of the complete tennis experience.
  • Clubs and tennis facilities offer scheduling support, childcare opportunities and family tennis activities to accommodate busy schedules.

Who plays Tennis for Life?

Within the Tennis For Life stage, there are three types of participants – the new participant entering at any age, the recreational participant who is active for life, and the competitive (or former High Performance) participant who is no longer training to be professional but still enjoys competing regularly. There are additional opportunities for participation, both volunteer and professional, that exist off the court in the areas of coaching, officiating, event organization or sport management. These areas are critical to keeping valued tennis enthusiasts engaged in the sport for life.

New Participant

The emphasis is on making tennis fun and enjoyable for the participant. A welcoming environment will attract new participants of all ages. Progressive Tennis helps to meet the individual needs of the recreational player providing
regular learning and playing opportunities. These key ingredients that attract and retain ensure that individual needs are met and contribute to player retention.

Recreational Participant

The emphasis for this participant is to provide a balance of opportunities to both learn and compete. The recreational participant can determine his/her desired level of involvement both on the court and off the court in other volunteer positions.

Competitive/Former High Performance Participant

The emphasis for this participant is on regular match play and practice time. Participants enjoy challenging competition and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle to accommodate high intensity training. Leadership opportunities within the tennis community should be available and encouraged at this level.

Tennis for life SYLLABUS


Tennis For Life 1

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