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Yellow Club

Age 11-19

During this stage, players will demonstrate skills, abilities and the desire to continue playing tennis for recreational purposes or show desire to continue pursuing excellence via the Yellow Pro and Elite stream.

Group sessions form the second stepping stone in our Player Competitive Pathway. More variables, higher intensity, more stress and a need for faster thinking are all introduced here with less coach involvement, more self-exploration and team building. Keystone performance strengths will be introduced here throughout the year.

Yellow Club 1
Yellow Club 2

Yellow Club Syllabus


Character Development Strengths

  1. Discipline
  2. Focus
  3. Hardworking
  4. Competitive
  5. Resilient

Moral Compass

  1. Attitude
  2. Respect
  3. Commitment


Accountability cards given out throughout the term related to the character strength block we are working on – Focus – meditate or do mindfulness once/week for a set time depending on the player for example.

Level prerequisites

Practicing and playing guidelines


  • Fulfilled and satisfied the necessary Green Ball checkpoints.
  • Ready to be challenged at Yellow Club level.
  • New players – required to train 2 sessions minimum before an accurate assessment can be made.
Yellow Club 2


The mission of the coach

  • Teach the basic sport specific skills and elementary tactics essential to participate in tennis.
  • Introduce physical conditioning and fundamental mental skills. 
  • Encourage participation in other sports.
  • Meet on a regular basis with fitness coaches to ensure a well-balanced training program.
  • Measure peak height velocity and the growth spurt three times per year to take advantage of optimal windows of trainability.
  • Select appropriate number and level of competition based on individual athletes and long-term objectives. 
  • Develop a strong relationship and commitment with other players beyond the tennis court.
  • Relentlessly pursue technical expertise that positively influence the player’s tennis skills.
  • Select appropriate matches for athletes. 

The mission of athletes

  • Develop some skills demonstrating the ability to manage and be responsible for certain aspects of “tennis life.”
  • Warm up, stretch and cool down independently.
  • Make appropriate hydration and nutrition selections for training and competition. 

The mission of parents

  • Support and provide the necessary guidance to ensure that your child’s tennis experience is enjoyable. 
  • Understand the TennisAsia Personal & Player Development Pathway that outlines how your child can progress in the sport. 
  • Discuss the player pathway with the coach via consultation.
  • Maintain a long term perspective about your child’s development in the sport.
  • Support the child’s competitive experiences by focusing on the process not on results.
  • Continue to encourage unstructured play with you and with their peers.
  • Always maintain composure, demonstrating neutral body language while your child is in competition. 
  • Encourage and support participation in another complementary sport at a competitive level.

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