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Yellow Pro

Age 11-19

During this stage, players will demonstrate skills, abilities and the desire to continue playing tennis for recreational purposes or pursue a more intense push to Yellow Elite and a desire to play college/professional tennis.

Group sessions form the second stepping stone in our Player Competitive Pathway. More variables, higher intensity, more stress and a need for faster thinking are all introduced here with less coach involvement, more self-exploration and team building. Keystone performance strengths will be introduced here throughout the year.

Yellow Pro 1
Yellow Pro 2

Yellow Pro Syllabus


Character Development Strengths

  1. Discipline
  2. Focus
  3. Hardworking
  4. Competitive
  5. Resilient

Moral Compass

  1. Attitude
  2. Respect
  3. Commitment


Accountability cards given out throughout the term related to the character strength block we are working on – Focus – meditate or do mindfulness once/week for a set time depending on the player for example.

Level prerequisites

Practicing and playing guidelines


  • Fulfilled and satisfied the necessary Yellow Dev checkpoints.
  • Ready to be challenged at Yellow Pro level.
  • New players – required to train 2 sessions minimum before an accurate assessment can be made.
Yellow Pro 2


The mission of the coach

  • Meet regularly with the fitness coach to ensure a well-balanced and coordinated training program.
  • Raise the performance capacity of the players.
  • Prepare players to perform at identified competitions, reaching a peak performance at the priority competition of the year.
  • Pursue professional development that includes new learning about technical and tactical information and appropriate training for Yellow Pro stages where strength and stamina should be emphasized.
  • Encourage decision-making and self-responsibility for aspects of tennis training and competition.

The mission of athletes

  • Be well-prepared for training and competition including well-organized, rested, hydrated.
  • Become increasingly more responsible for own preparation.
  • Discuss goals and aspirations with your coach and parents.
  • Love training, playing and competing.
  • Participate in a complementary sport that is enjoyable.
  • Be an ambassador of TennisAsia and the sport of tennis while in Hong Kong and abroad.

The mission of parents

  • Be supportive of the child-player by ensuring that he/she loves tennis as the pressure to perform increases.
  • Provide guidance but listen to the child to ensure that training and competing is enjoyable.
  • Discuss your child’s goals and aspirations with your child but recognize that increased pressure from the parent may result in decreasing motivation to play.
  • Understand the TennisAsia Personal and Player Development Pathway that outlines how your child can progress in the sport.
  • Encourage children to become responsible for their preparation for tennis.
  • Reinforce values such as hard work, personal excellence and sacrifice as they are necessary to be successful.
  • Support your child’s decision if he/she wants to switch to recreational tennis.
  • Ensure that schoolwork is attended to and that the child is given other normal childhood responsibilities.

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