Private Lesson Rates



  • Jason Sankey

  • Andrew Town

  • $900/hour
  • Semi-Private$940/hour
  • 3 Players$990/hour
  • 4 Players$1200/hour
  • Ilija Vucic

  • Lee Hsin Han

  • $850/hour
  • Semi-Private$880/hour
  • 3 Players$960/hour
  • 4 Players$1100/hour

  • Marko Baralic

  • Sanjay Kumar

  • Craig Taylor

  • $800/hour
  • Semi-Private$880/hour
  • 3 Players$960/hour
  • 4 Players$1100/hour
Junior Private Lessons 6

We run private sessions for 4 main reasons:

  1. To introduce new skills to a player. These can be in the form of technical, tactical, physical and mental. Character development ideas can be discussed and introduced here.
  2. Fine-tune unmastered skills in a less stressful environment.
  3. Prepare players for their next stepping stone in their Player Development Pathway: group environments, where there will be more stress, more intensity and faster thinking.
  4. Yellow Pro players follow a different pathway since they have fulfilled the necessary progressions already.
Junior Private Lessons 7

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