We have created a common goal for all our teams “To maximise the efficiency of the team.”

We fully accept that outcomes are essential in the process of improving and learning but we have chosen to steer away from the word ‘winning’ simply because this is usually out of our control. We like to focus more on the controllables and have specifically chosen this common goal “to maximize the efficiency of the team” for all of our teams. Once this is agreed upon, our job is to next identify which areas, specific to each team, are holding them back. We then match these drawbacks with key character strengths and these key strengths form the fundamental foundation of the team.


  1. Baseline to Baseline
  2. Approaching & Net Play
  3. Passing & Lobbing
  4. Serving
  5. Returning

This tailored method of identifying key character strengths for each team to work on has produced great results over the years. They form the foundation on which teams can build synergy both on and off the court and allows continual and motivated improvements.

League Training 1

Understand the “ why ”

  • Identify key areas of purpose and narrow these down to 3 main ideas.
  • These will be agreed by all team members.
  • Coach does not influence.

How we execute

  • Create a ‘mantra’ encompassing the 3 ‘whys’ and agreed upon by all team members.
  • Focus primarily on these 3 areas throughout a season.
  • Create a list of rules – designed by each team – to follow throughout the season.
  • Add the necessary layers of technical, tactical, physical and mental skills.
  • Pursue the idea – ‘To maximize the efficiency of the team.’

What is our plan

  • Team training will be a 2-hour session, weekly throughout the season.
  • Additional private and semi-private lessons can be arranged to supplement.
  • Competitive practise matches will be arranged from time to time.
  • Off-season team training can increase to twice weekly if wanted or needed.

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