TennisAsia recommends both private and group sessions with Hiren Khemlani
for those players looking to take their tennis to the next level.

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What to expect in a mental fitness lesson or workshop

Sessions involve both on and off court activities that are geared towards achieving the following:

  • A sharper understanding of the qualities that help elite tennis players deliver.
  • Becoming aware of key thoughts that influence improved performance.
  • Learning practical skills that can be easily implemented to help elevate your performance on court.

Everything shared between client and psychologist will be kept confidential, and will not be shared with ANY third parties except 1) where players are at risk of harming themselves or others 2) players and psychologist agree that it’s in the players’ best interest to share information with a third party. This applies to anything shared within sessions and any reports, or other deliverables, created for the player.

*Duration and Pricing*
Sessions are usually 60 minutes, but 90 minute sessions can also be requested based on availability. Unless specified prior to the session, it is at the Psychologist’s discretion to allow a session to run beyond the allocated time if it’s deemed to be in the best interests of the client (e.g. if they’re making significant progress in a session but need more time to resolve the issue). This may be charged on a pro-rata basis if extended time is deemed significant.

Mental Fitness Coach

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Hiren Khemlani is a sports and performance psychologist. He specialises in helping athletes regulate their thoughts and emotions to improve performance and wellbeing. He trains athletes in mental skills that correspond to the development of 5 key competencies namely commitment, communication, concentration, emotional control and confidence.

Hiren believes that every individual is unique, and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to psychological development. He strongly believes that a lot of answers we seek can be found within ourselves. By making every effort to understand the world from their perspective, Hiren is able to ask the right questions to help tennis players reflect and understand what will work best for them. Hiren may introduce specific cognitive behavioural strategies for tennis players to practice outside of sessions so that they are building their own tool-kit they can use to improve tennis performance.

  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology and counselling from HKU
  • Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Loughborough University
  • Member of the British Psychology Society (BPS)
  • Ongoing training in cognitive behavioural therapy certified by the BPS

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Session Rates



  • Hiren Khemlani

  • Private$900/hour
  • Semi-Private$940/hour
  • 3 Players$990/hour
  • 4 Players$1200/hour
  • Team Session$300/person/hour

Please read our terms and conditions for our mental fitness sesions