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How we implement our vision in our junior programs

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Player Development Pathway

We have developed a unique pathway structure that has proved very successful over the years and has been widely accepted by juniors, coaches and more importantly – parents.

It is important to emphasise to parents that this is a long term journey and no matter what tennis level their child reaches, they are learning essential life skills along the way.

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Personal Development Pathway

Our full personal development pathway is a 4-stage cycle. It is constantly evolving and the cycle will continue through a junior’s journey and hopefully continue after their junior tennis days are finished, crossing over into their regular lives as adults.

For each age and level category there are subtle differences, and as juniors become more mature, the challenges presented become more difficult to overcome.

Mentorship Program

Older juniors are invited to participate in our unique mentorship program in which they are encouraged to nurture the younger players on their journey. Our Junior mentors are provided with a Junior Mentor t-shirt and pullover to identify their positions in the program.

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  1. Mindset =
    the established set of attitudes held by someone.

We strive to develop a growth mindset both on and off the court:

  1. Value effort over talent
  2. Accept challenges as opportunities to grow, not as threats.
  3. Embrace mistakes as essential for long term development
  4. Take feedback constructively, not personally
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  1. Character development

We have identified 5 keystone character strengths which we adopt for training blocks throughout a tennis year, and they act as an umbrella for personal development during a player’s tennis-specific improvement journey. Discipline (self regulating), Focus (eliminating distractions), Hard-Working (paying the price with effort), Competitive (striving to be your best) & Resilience (bouncing back from setbacks).

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Junior Programs 10
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  1. Plan – pathway

We have created a structured pathway to illustrate a long term vision and journey for all junior players. A syllabus is created for each of our junior program for this segment. They are broken down into 4 main categories with a clear and systematic approach to each level of player:

  1. Technical
  2. Tactical
  3. Physcial
  4. Mental
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  1. Outcome


This is a very important area for us as coaches, but more so for the juniors and their parents, and we approach this area very carefully. We are more driven by growth and improvement, less by results. Outcomes are used simply for feedback and this in turn will fuel the mindset to allow the cycle to repeat itself.

At the end of each season (June & December), juniors are provided with a simple written assessment to indicate the proficiencies they have completed in each syllabus. This feedback is a great indicator of a junior’s progress.

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Throughout the year, we run numerous competitions for juniors as measuring tools, not as judgement of our players; they are merely helpful environments to observe areas for continual improvement.

  • Club Junior Singles and Doubles Championships
  • Club Tie-Break Shootout
  • In House League Competition
  • Inter-Club Challenges
  • HKTA Junior Team Tennis
  • UTR Competitions & Tournaments
  • International Tours (ITF, ATF)

We use UTR competitions to introduce healthy competition into the outcome stage of our cycle. These matches provide the necessary pressure to challenge juniors and help them progress on their journey.

A UTR rating provides a measure reflective of the player’s ability on a worldwide basis and is used as a key indicator for acceptance into US Colleges. Our team will also accompany our elite junior players to regional ITF events.

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