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UTR Competitions

It is important that once you sign up for this event on our GoTimmy, you then go to the UTR website (universaltennis.com) register for an account if you don’t have one, or if you do have one – find the correct tournament/match play session by searching for ‘TennisAsia Hong Kong’.

Each competition has a date and location, so please choose the correct one and press register. This will ensure your matches will be verified.


TennisAsia UTR competitions are currently held at :

  • Indian Recreation Club (IRC), 63 Caroline Hill Road, Sookunpoo Valley, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
  • Ladies Recreation Club (LRC), 10 Old Peak Rd, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong.


  • ALL payments will be made by credit card via our registration system – GoTimmy.


  • If you sign up to the wrong UTR event, then a HK$100 penalty fee will be applied. Please make sure you register for the correct event.
  • NOTE: Please inform us as soon as possible if a player has to withdraw. This gives organisers time to look for replacements, create new draws, and inform other players about the changes.
  • Draws and schedules will be published 48 hours before the event takes place. If a player withdraws after the draws have been published they will be defaulted on the UTR system and an email will be sent notifying them of misconduct and a HK$100 penalty fee will be applied.
  • Once payment is received, there will be NO refunds, except in case of extreme weather conditions, civil unrest or virus outbreaks.
  • We will follow government guidelines and venue policies strictly with regards to extreme weather conditions, civil unrest or virus outbreaks. UTR Event cancellations will be
  • We do not offer make-ups for missed UTR competitions.
  • TennisAsia’s UTR Professional can make a decision to remove a player from the UTR event if the player’s mental and/or physical skill, or maturity level is too high or low for the event. Registration fee will be refunded in this case.    


  • In the event of inclement weather, TennisAsia will decide if sessions will continue 1 hour before the scheduled time of that particular session. 
  • TennisAsia will update parents through whatsapp groups or GoTimmy group emails.


  • No make-ups for sickness & injury. 
  • Please DO continue to inform us if you cannot make it to the UTR competitions. This gives organisers time to look for replacements, create new draws, and inform other players about the changes.


  • No refunds for schedule issues including a variety of appointments, school activities, other sports activities, hobbies, etc. 


  • TennisAsia’s IRC UTR professional is Sanjay Kumar. TennisAsia’s LRC UTR Professional is Jason Sankey.
  • We will coordinate with players and parents to ensure that UTR match plays and tournaments follow the structure (progression) of TennisAsia Player Development Pathway.


To ensure more efficient communication, we encourage:

  • Players and parents to visit https://tennisasia.com.hk/utr/ for all information on UTR.
  • Emailing [email protected] rather than whatsapping UTR professionals for all non-urgent matters like payment issues, etc.
  • UTR professionals will refrain from using phones during events except for urgent matters and recording educational match play videos.
  • Call IRC UTR Professional – Sanjay for emergency situations or urgent UTR matters: +852 6855 6842
  • Call LRC UTR Professional – Jason Sankey for emergency situations or urgent UTR matters: +852 9418 1074


  • Sign up only when your child is injury free and ready to commit to these UTR Competitions.
  • Students (and parents of students under the age of 18) acknowledge and agree that students should obey all reasonable directions of TennisAsia coaches for their safety and accept all inherent risk of accidents that can occur in sports participation of this kind without liability on the part of TennisAsia Elite Ltd.
  • TennisAsia will sometimes be taking photos during our UTR events which will be used for marketing purposes such as our social media platforms or the press. We may also share photos with members of our TennisAsia community for their personal use. If you prefer for you or your child not to be photographed, please email [email protected]
  • TennisAsia may update these Terms and Conditions when necessary; we will do our best to notify of changes by email and it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with these terms and any changes.


  • Please review our privacy policy, which covers the use of this website and forms part of these Terms and Conditions.

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