UTR Events are registered directly on the UTR platform and pay there (Since November 2021) and UTR charges a $US10 fee/player for verified events. This is their new policy, not ours.

You may choose to become a power subscriber instead and register for free for any verified events in HK or elsewhere. To become a power subscriber, we have set up a link here where you will receive a $US10 discount on registration. The current annual fee is $USD99.

The benefits of becoming a power subscriber apart from saving money:

  • Advanced analytics – win-loss records/winning streaks
  • Trending UTR Ratings with history
  • Results analysis
  • Free registration for verified events
  • UTR Rating visibility to two decimal places of all players
  • And plenty of other exclusive partner benefits

We do think this is a positive step for UTR events and will make registration easier for you and also for us going forwards. We are aware some of you are not playing so many events and may not want or need a power subscription. This is your choice entirely.

Special note:

If you are NOT a power subscriber and you enter a verified event, you will be charged $US10/event/player by UTR from November 1st 2021 and this is out of our control.

Non-verified Event players (Green ball):

  • If you are not playing verified events and only playing non-verified (Green ball) events you can choose not to sign up for power subscription if you like.
  • We will still charge everyone through the UTR platform to avoid double sign ups for you guys and this should make registration a lot smoother and simpler.

Please register for a power subscription before November 1st 2021 (unless you already have one) by using this link and receive a $10USD discount:

  1. Make sure you have registered for a power subscription to avoid paying extra registration fees.
  2. Sign up and register on the UTR website for the event you would like to join and pay for the event.
  3. You’re all set. The draws and schedule will be published once all players register. (Usually these will be out Wednesday evening for weekend events).
  4. The draws/schedule and all communication will be done through the UTR platform – please make sure you check.


Please note that for Non-UTR Events, registrations will be paid via our registration system – GoTimmy system.


EMAIL : [email protected]
WHATSAPP : (852) 9374 4931
EMERGENCY : COACH SANJAY (852) 6855 6842 or
COACH MARKO +852 6224 9478 / WHATSAPP (381) 62 518669.

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