1. Pay for the UTR Competition you want to play on our registration system – GoTimmy – Please make sure you choose the correct UTR competition for your level.
  2. Go to the UTR Website ( and create your FREE UTR account if you don’t have one or login to your existing UTR Account.
  3. You will receive a follow up email once the event is full to guide you on how to register on the UTR platform. A password will be provided to register on the platform. If you did not receive the password, please email our UTR Admin at [email protected]
  4. Please follow the instructions and register on the UTR platform. You will be guided to search for ‘TennisAsia Hong Kong‘ and find the correct competition that you paid for in the ‘Upcoming Events’ list. Each competition has a date and location, so please choose the correct one and press register. This will ensure your matches will be verified.
  5. You’re all set. The draws and schedule will be published once all players register. Draws and schedules will be published 48 hours before the event takes place. (Usually these will be out Thursday afternoon/evening for weekend events).
  6. The draws/schedule and all communication will be done through the UTR platform – please make sure you check.
  • For doubles events, registration is for a single player only, so make sure you and your partner register and pay separately, and make a note on the payment page stating the name of your partner.
  • Please notice that those with confirmed partners will be given priority. 
  • If you don’t have a partner we can ‘try’ to help you find a partner if you email to [email protected] but we cannot promise we can find a partner.
  • Please notice that those with confirmed partners will be given priority. 
  • However, if no partner is found, the player will need to withdraw from the event and a HK$100 administration fee will be applied. So, please sign up with a partner for the doubles event.
  • If you request a change of partner, please notify the UTR admin at least a week before the event, otherwise no changes will be allowed. HK$100 administration fee will be charged for changing a partner and NO REFUNDS will be given to the withdrawn partner.


EMAIL : [email protected]
WHATSAPP : (852) 6312 7763
EMERGENCY : COACH SANJAY (852) 6855 6842
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