Inter-Club League Competitions

Inter-Club League 1
  • HKTA Summer League generally runs from April to June. 35 clubs take part, fielding over 175 teams with 2,900+ players. Matches are held on weekday evenings from 7.30pm. Doubles only with teams of 6 players in division from A-E (men) and A-C (ladies).
  • HKTA Winter League generally runs from October to December. 32 clubs take part, fielding over 158 teams with 2,500+ players. Matches are held weekday evenings from 7.30pm. Doubles only with teams of 6 players in division from A-E (men) and A-C (ladies).
  • HKTA Mixed & HKVTA Veteran’s Leagues generally run from January to April. 20 clubs take part, fielding 32 teams with 700+ players taking part. Doubles only with teams of 6 players. Veteran’s League offer age divisions from 80+, 100+ & 120+.
  • For ladies who play in the mornings, the Hong Kong Ladies Tennis League (HKLTL) runs a morning league from Monday to Friday over 2 seasons, Winter (September to December) and Spring (January to April). 50 teams take part and play out of 16 clubs and 9 public venues with over 500+ participants in total. Doubles only with teams of 4 players in 6 divisions from Division 5 to Premier.
  • HKTA Junior Team Tennis League generally runs two seasons, Autumn (September to December) & Spring (January to April). 19 clubs take part, fielding 34 teams with 450+ juniors participating. Singles & Doubles are played with teams of 6 players in divisions A, B & C.
  • For juniors who are starting out on their competitive journey and might not make it into their club’s HKTA Junior League Team, TennisAsia Clubs also run a range of In-House Leagues for Red Ball, Orange Ball, Green Ball & Yellow Ball juniors on a weekly basis throughout the year. These In-House Leagues provide a great team experience for the juniors.

The leagues not only provide a great outlet for competition, but they also provide an opportunity for players to meet and socialize with other players – building friendships. All matches include a team dinner after each match hosted by the home club.

If you would like to join one of your club’s teams, then please contact your club’s Tennis Director or Head Tennis Professional for further details.

Inter-Club League 2
Inter-Club League 3
Inter-Club League 4
Inter-Club League 5
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Inter-Club League 7
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